I would never quit

One of the poems that I like when I was in my elementary years was “Never Quit”. That was one of the nicest things that I’ve always repeated in my life. No matter how hard my life was, I never quitted and that’s the reason why I have my life right now. My life was a bit hard during my younger days because I would carry heavy loads for my family and to think Read the rest of this entry »

Visual Merchandising Tips And Tricks


Whatever product or service you’re trying to sell, it’s important that you present it in the most appealing way possible. Doing so will generate the amount of enquiry –and ultimately sales – you need to help your business thrive. Here are 5 visual merchandising tricks that will generate the kind of buzz and interest you need to kick goals on the business front.

1. Identify everything.

It’s important that you identify everything in your store to make it easy for your customers to locate exactly what they need, when they need it. People are generally in a hurry, and if you can use signs and graphics (see www.tuprojects.com for signage services) to point the customer in the right direction, they’ll be more likely to stick around and make a purchase.

2. Use store windows to set the mood of your store.

Another great way to attract more sales in your store is to use your store windows effectively. You can try dressing the window displays to set a specific “mood” that draws the customer in. For example, if your store sells lingerie, try setting up a romantic scene behind the display window glass. This will have an emotive impact on your customers, and they may be more likely to walk inside your store.

3. Stimulate the senses.

Once your customers are inside your store, it’s important to keep them there. Try adding some appropriate music, smells and lighting to your store to help create the mood you’re going for. To use the lingerie example above, this may mean playing soft, romantic music in the background, and lighting a few vanilla incense sticks around the store. You could also try dimming the lights, too. Visual merchandising is not just about presentation: it’s about the overall experience for the customer once inside your store.

4. Encourage engagement.

One of the best ways to generate more interest in whatever you’re selling is to give customers a chance to really engage with your product. This may mean letting the customer try on the garment themselves, displaying a demo product that they can try out themselves, or any number of other ways to get people to interact with whatever you’re selling. Engagement helps consumers become more interested in products and services, so be sure to focus on this when setting up your visual merchandising campaign.

5. Keep things fresh.

Finally, be sure to change things up at least once a week to keep things interesting for your customers. A great sign is a great sign, but displaying this same sign week after week will get boring for your customers, and they may end up looking elsewhere to make their purchases. Customers don’t like boring stores, and with the amount of fresh competition popping up nearly every week or so, it’s a great idea to keep things fresh for your customers and change your signs (as well as colour schemes) as much as possible.

Developing and then maintaining an effective visual merchandising campaign is absolutely vital in today’s cutthroat business world. There are a number of ways you can stay ahead of the pack, and ensure a constant stream of buying customers into your store. Take heed of the above the next time you sit down to plan your visual merchandising strategy and no doubt you’ll be kicking business goals in no time at all.

Photo credits: tuprojects.com

I do believe that it’s coming

I would love to have a Macbook air or Macbook Pro computer or even an iPad but then right at this time, I prefer to save something. In order for me to have an apple product right in front of my eyes, I make it as my desktop photo. I tell myself that I can afford it every time I will open my computer. And I do believe that I can afford it. In fact, I do believe that it is already coming into my life. (LOA – Law of Attraction)

Tree enthusiasts – this is for you

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Thoughts will become reality

Recalling my life, I can say that I am so blessed. Everything I asked it is all given simultaneously and at the right time that I was ready to receive it. I can say that I am so blessed. I know everybody is blessed with whatever they are capable of handling. A person is blessed with whatever thoughts that he/she is having. He/she has the freedom for having whatever thoughts, and so God through the universe will bless him/her with that. So, ask yourself, what is that you are thinking about right now? Is it positive or negative? Be careful of your thoughts, it will always become reality to you if not today, it will be in your tomorrows.

How to Get Your Prescription Medication for Less

The price of prescription drugs has really skyrocketed in the past decade. There are many new drugs that come out each year, and these brand-name drugs can really be expensive. If you’re like countless other Americans, you have a couple of prescriptions that you need to fill monthly. And unless you have great prescription drug coverage under your health insurance plan, you need to find out which Mt. Vernon pharmacy has the best prices for your medications. That means doing a little bit of research.

Health Insurance Disappointment

Health care coverage has been getting worse, just as drug prices get higher. Many people find that once they need to start taking a prescription regularly that their health insurance isn’t as great as they thought it was. You may have a health insurance plan with limited coverage, and if that’s the case, you might find that paying for your prescription out-of-pocket is actually cheaper than paying your prescription co-pay. For example, there is a list of generic medications that many pharmacies only charge $4 for. This list of $4 prescriptions is at the big box store pharmacies and includes many different types of medications. If you have a $25 prescription co-pay each month, but your medication is on that $4 list, it would obviously be much cheaper to just pay for the prescription yourself. Take the time to make sure that you’re not overpaying for your medications, because every dollar saved can really make a difference.

Shop Around

If you aren’t lucky enough to have any prescription drug coverage, it’s important to shop around for the best prices on your medications. When you get a prescription, don’t just take it to get filled at the nearest pharmacy. Call every pharmacy in Mt. Vernon and ask what their price is for your medication. You will need to be able to tell them the name of the drug, the dose, the instructions, and the quantity. All of this information will be on your prescription.

Price-Matching and Other Alternatives

If there is a particular Mt. Vernon pharmacy that you would prefer to use, ask if they match competing pharmacy prices. Drugstores are very competitive so many of them offer price-matching in order to retain customers. If you find that your medication is too expensive, you have another alternative. Ask your doctor if there is another medication they can prescribe that provides the same benefits. These alternatives might just be cheaper than the medication you have.